Of course you can, it's a household word.

Everyone asks me,
Well it all happened like this. A couple of you may actually remember my first can. And no, no one in my family has ever worked for Pepsi including me. Now you really think I'm strange don't ya?

In 1987 or 1988, Pepsi came out with the can spinning to the right.  It was can #1 in their "COOL CAN" series.I was already a dedicated Pepsi drinker thanks to a long history in my family. I thought it would be cool, to buy a collectors can. What I didn't know is that it would turn in to what some people call, an OBSESSION. After the first can came out, I had to buy can #2, then #3, then the final in that series #4. Then within a year, they came out with the second series, one of the Christmas series. Of course I bought those too. Then the next series, and the next. Then I started finding cool things in antique stores. My family would find things, I started finding things on E-Bay. Sooner or later I got to where I am today. It has now been like 30 years and I have probably over 500 items.

 I don't even think I could name them all off. Now I currently have cans, bottles, matchbooks, POS, pens, pencils, little cars, a watch, sunglasses, clothing, stickers, golf balls, banks, popcorn tins, lots of glasses and much more. I even have a great leather jacket I paid way too much for on E-Bay, thanks to the sellers, I still love it! Hopefully you'll find something here kinda interesting. I still love my Pepsi collection, and as the weeks go by, I'll try to get more and more up. Click the links below to get started. Oh and if you're curious, I still drink Coke when the restaurant doesn't have Pepsi.








If you see something you like, please e-mail me about it!


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