In 2007 I came in first in my class, F Stock. Now on to 2008. This year I plan to add adjustable shocks to Lola, my Mustang with the hopes of increasing her cornering grip. I also plan to make a trip out to Thunderhill for a track day. More videos of those events to come.

I have been competing in SCCA SoloII here in the Bay Area. SCCA is the Sports Car Club of America. SoloII is a timed competition where SCCA rents parking lots around the bay area and sets up a short course using cones. Participants then bring any type of safe car to the event, from showroom stock cars to fully prepared racing cars and drive those cars through the course as quickly as they can without hitting any cones. You are then ranked against cars similar to yours, (called classes) and also ranked against all cars that ran for the day. There are 15-20 competitions throughout the year and winners of their class win trophies and claps at the end of the year.

Want to see what its really like?
Here are in car movies of some of my runs.
These WMV files are best viewed by right clicking the link and choosing "save target as".
Save them to your computer and then open them with Windows Media Player.

2007 Season, Round 06 Run #3
2007 Season, Round 08 Run #3
2007 Season, Round 09 Run #3
2007 Season, Round 10 Run #2
(Round 10 and on using the new mounting point on the back window)
2007 Season, Round 12 Run #3
2007 Season, Round 14 Run #3

My first ever track day!
September 23rd, 2007 at Infineon Raceway

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No that is not a down cone, it is called a pointer cone. It points to what side of the standing cone I should try and navigate to. They are used quite a bit in slaloms. To see more pointer cones, watch the videos above.

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Pics by Brent Johnson and Joshua Merrill
The use of these pics is quite ok, but if they are published on the internet 
or in a publication, please notify me and reference both photographers.
These pics are from a few years ago when I was competing in my 2001 Mustang GT Convertible.

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Chris Boynton

Donald Leitao

Erik Waher

The group staged and prepared.

James Creasy

Joe Weinstein

Kai Pan

Kevin Vanderbeek

Kirk Meline

Mike Harris

Leslie Currie

Leslie Currie

William Currie

William Currie

Neal Ryan

Rod Chan

Me! Brent Johnson

Me again...

and again...

Sheesh, this guy is really full of himself.

Or he just loves his car.

Sean Miguel

Simon Helston

Stuart Langager

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