2007 Mustang GT

These are pictures from Autocrossing

Photo by: Doug Richardson doug@sportscarimage.com

Photo by: Doug Richardson doug@sportscarimage.com

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of the Bay Area

I often make day trips to Doc Wong's Car Clinics
The are on a Sunday of each month.
These consist of a two hour presentation by a guest speaker.
They discuss techniques of good performance driving. 
Some topics are, heal and toe, over steer, under steer, field of vision, etc.
After the discussion, we get in our cars and go for a drive on rarely traveled roads.
The drive takes us from Redwood City, CA to highway 1 and down the coast. 
The day is open to all types of drivers, and all types of cars.
We are not out to break laws, we are just out to enjoy the day of driving.
That being said, at times we do drive a little faster than some would feel is comfortable. 
You can see some examples in the following pictures.

However, sometimes accidents do happen. 
You can see from the following page, that recently a civic had a discussion with a ditch.

Click on the pictures for larger images

Staging area. Redwood City, CA
We get ready for the drive.

This is on Stage Road. This is the first road of the trip that is mostly absent of other vehicles. It offers a very nice variety of surface types and corners off all kinds.

My baby, my dream car. 
My Mustang GT

This is the second staging area. Here we are at the halfway point on Highway 1. Soon we will travel south to lunch.

Great mix of cars. RX-7, Boxsters, Porsche, Civics, Audis, and lots and lots of Miatas from the Miata club of the Bay Area.

Keeping an eye on Highway 9.

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